Learning to code

Learning to code

First steps – Part 2

Not much has changed in that is visible on my page. I have added some styling to make the pages display differently depending on size of the browser window. This will enable adaptive stylings and layouts on different devices according to size. I added some links to my favorite resource page. Learning by experience is the hallmark of all tutorial videos, blogs, and articles I have found. So I am using this page to use what I have learned and gain some experience. I am getting more familiar with HTML and CSS style sheets. A challenge right now is integrating my local documents seameslessly with my wordpress server. For the moment my learning of javascript is on hold until I finish a few more modules of HTML and CSS. In the future I will add coloring and some animations to these pages. Much has been learned about functionality, there is still a whole world of style and color matching to explore.

A list of resources

Some of my favorite resources are listed here. My complete list of resources and links are found here.

If you are interested in learning to code than I recommend starting here.

Soon I will add a curriculum and a call for projects

I will be redesigning the website from the ground up via purely my own HTML.

List of current projects