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It is easy to do nothing.  The quick prospect of getting what we think we want to quickly fix our current perceived problem can reward the brain to want more of the same action.  Want to lose weight? Buy a diet. Want to have more friends? Buy the latest fashion. Want to cook better? Buy and online course. It’s advertised as easy, isn’t it, and it will get you what you want.

Aren’t you satisfied it’s so easy to get what you want?  We type what we want in a calculator and it spits out something we should buy to get it.

I understand that research tools and communication networks brought on by an age of hyper-information is of great benefit to our civilization. I want to bring focus that there is a trend towards selling the idea that it is easy to do something.

Smart phones, supercomputers, machine thinking as well as a wealth of methods to get instructions from people you will never meet, can all be good things that enrich lives. But these are not easy things! They rely on extremely complicated computer algorithms and technology that many people do not even have access to.  It is being called easy because that will draw attention. It’s usually sold with the message that if you don’t find it easy then something must be wrong with you (but don’t worry that too can be fixed easily).

There are countless pieces of literature that get on the shelf with the marketing of ‘self help’ and they usually speak a rewarding message. It also ultimately only speaks one message. You have to work for what you want.  So who says it should be easy?

Do you want a positive mind and strong clerical thinking? Work for it. Working for that might mean meditation for some, chess for others, or, ice hockey, plumbing, zen gardens, yoga, etc, etc. The point is that it doesn’t matter how you obtain your positive mind goal. It just matters you find what brings you closer to that and practice it.  Identify and work toward you goals.

Do you want to start an online business and generate a passive income? Work for it. Research how extensive it is and develop a plan. Begin executing your plan. Fail for years possibly.

Everyone learns differently, hell, everyone sees reality different. They judge it differently and live it differently. That is why it is such a large amount of books have been written over and over again to tell the same message. You can usually have what you want.  You just need to work for it.

Times change, people changes, science changes, the message remains clear, chart what you must do and set forth.

If you want to get better at typing and writing then type and write more. The same goes for driving a car or a golf ball. You can use this method to get better at drinking from straws if you want to!  

Sometimes you will begin using this method of working for what you want and it will work for a while but then all of the sudden stop working.  You may change your mind about how you feel about it or get disappointed with your progress. This is normal and it’s called having a problem. You will have to deal with these problems and it will not be easy.

Dealing with problems is the work you will have to do in order to do what you want to do. If you want to draw something with a pencil but do not have a pencil you will have to search until you have a pencil. Then you will search for paper and then you can draw.  Afterwards you may want to improve your drawing so you must draw more and more and the cycle goes on until a new problem is met. Perhaps you have spent so much time getting paper and pencils that you no longer have time to draw. So you put it off to earn more free time and when you come back you find your momentum lost. This is a new problem. How do you deal with it?

There are many choices when dealing with most problems. All of them have consequences. It can be difficult to choose. Sometimes it seems like all choices have been exhausted over time and then a new problem called defeat comes in. How do you deal with this new problem?

You’re honest core answer might surprise you. You have two choices.  Continue working at it and face defeat, or, let it go. You can rebel against this deep truth. You can even manipulate it, hide it, lock it away, live against it but it will always remain there. It will remain there until it is let go.

So how do you let it go?

I believe deep down in our psyche there is the knowledge of how to let things go. People may have misunderstood what it means to let something go. Does it mean to not think about it anymore? Does it mean to not feel the memory? Do we have control over these things? No. So what does it mean to let it go?

Let it go by letting it move through you. Experience it and notice it and let it pass over you.  We are creatures of deep rooted psychological mystery, awe, and power. Do not attempt to believe to comprehend the rationality of it all. Let it go.

If you want to get good at something do your best to work at it and you will get better.  Smash through as many roadblocks along that journey as you like. When you get tired of smashing those roadblocks let it go and then chase something else you crazy wild turkey.

I would like to point out also that goals, opportunities, and (especially) realities, vary in outcome by an obscene amount.

Just because you want something does not mean you will get it.

If what you want is achievable then how hard are you willing to work for it? Are you able to let it go when it doesn’t work out?

Our lives and bodies are complex rich entities that station on the ebb of infinite realities.  This can seem overwhelming. Especially when one just begins to open their heart to the ethereal life flow and accept love. There are proven ways to deal with this and get things done. They are anything but easy.  

What are some things you would like to accomplish? Do you have unsurmountable roadblocks preventing you from achieving your goals and if so what are they? I would love to hear about any thoughts you may have on this discussion.

You can email me or leave comments and I will get back ASAP 🙂

I will leave with a suggestion that I have found can alleviate the burden of completing virtually any task by a vast amount.  

Ask for help.  

Tell family and friends (and beyond!) what you are trying to do and the problems you are having doing it.  Chances are you will find someone willing to help. Make no mistake this course of action is NOT easy.

Post note:

As I continue writing to this blog I get get closer to what my focus and point of the blog will be.  I will continue to share my travel journeys as well as comment on the mental health issues related with following my dreams.  This will include things like following ones dreams and what prevents us from doing so as well as mental roadblocks like not feeling good enough and being afraid to express ourselves (myself). I will be adding more content and resources for travellers especially for travellers with anxiety / mental health problems.  While I may not offer any real solutions I will share my own experiences with these issues.

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