Return of the blog

After a lot of procrastination I bring this site back out into the public to share for some reason. This is the new site design. I have lofted on completeing the transistion from squarespace to wordpress for about…. two months. I have neglected putting effort into this site continously for over a year. My writing ambition is dwindled, my hands are heavy. My ability to complain remains.

I am writing this directly into the wordpress blog posting tool. Usually I edit with word or similar before coming over here to post to my website. I am doing this because I must gain familiarity with this platform. And actually this complete paragraph is kind of just an elongated preamble text to fill up space. Half of it is for the jokes.

If you are new here you will find my travel adventures posted. You will find my personality somewhere between all these words. Hopefully you will come back. Because now as I am breaking the barrier of a long hibernation like procrastination.

In any case. I am posting this now. I feel the fore hoarse women coming up of doubt and fog and creative futures.

What do you think about the truth?