Naked in the Rain – Part 2 – Snakes and Guitars

When dusk settles in at the Hostel in the Forest a bell is rang letting all forest residents know that dinner is about to be served.  At the sound of the bell I eagerly find my way back to the kitchen tent. I meet today’s cook, the job of cook changes every day, and on this day the cook is a resident and not a hostel worker.  She is wearing long colorful robes and a very practiced smile. Her white greying hair is pulled back behind her head and I feel invited by her large brown eyes. She has been working all day, she says, on this very important meal and has put all the love she could into all she could with great intention.  I thank her for her efforts and say I am excited to eat something so lovingly prepared after spending the last few nights eating road food.

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Walking in Memphis

After a weekend in Nashville’s nightlife I feel pretty taxed.  The clouds never did let up and I use this an excuse as to why I do not explore the city much during the day.  I do find a guitar shop. Mostly because I sort of lost interest in it. I visit the Johnny Cash museum but do not go inside due to price.  It turns out that Monday is a holiday. Most of the shops are closed

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Married In Nashville Tennessee

Gordie and I take a few walks and runs during the late hours of the night.  We do a few laps at a grocery store parking lot. I try to explain to her that she may need to calm down when meeting new people and that her excitement might cause new friends to not trust her.  She doesn’t seem to notice I am talking to her. Her eyes dart about the parking lot with every subtle movement she picks up. I pick up her poop and we go back to Chris’ hotel. I will sleep here in Greenville South Carolina before heading back to Nashville Tennessee.

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Pizza In New Orleans

Guy’s monologue breaks momentarily as we both notice another hitchhiker with their thumb out.  I ask Guy what his opinion on the situation is “Should I pick him up?”. Guy seems to evaluate for a brief moment before saying “Oh yea!  This guy is old, pick him up!”. I slow down the car and get over the shoulder of the highway. Once i get to a full stop I am a bit further away than would have been ideal.  In the rear viewer I see the name trying his best to run to catch up to us.

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Soaked in Nashville Tennessee

The rain at this point was like a mist.  A heavy grey wall surrounded the city encroaching on its skyline and trapping my view of Nashville to my immediate area only.  Chris and I catch a shuttle downtown and on the way I enjoy the way this grey fog mingles with the tall buildings. We are dropped a few blocks from our destination, broadway street, which is Nashville’s downtown tourist nightlife scene.  Nashville itself appears as any normal city at first. Large buildings and quiet streets during the nigt. The moment we hit broadway everything changes.

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The Oxymoron Definition of More Mindfullness

I saw a headline on a magazine while waiting in line at a grocery store.  I think these magazines are very distracting.  So bright and colorful.  They are right in the place where people have a chance to talk to one another.  Not that anyone talks to one another.  Its very scary because we, or at least I, assume I will likely hear some tragic story if I talk to someone else.  Usually though, the reasons I do not talk to people, are all made up in my head.  Which is pretty interesting.  Since all the reasons I talk to myself, are also made up in my head.  I hope you get my joke, do you get it? 

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